Amanda Quon is a designer and human made up of so many wonderful memories.

There’s always been an element of play in my design work. I’m a kid at heart and every time I hop onto my sketchbook, laptop, or cutting mat a rush of childhood wonderment thrills me. What can I make today? How can I make this better? Will this add depth to my work? With thorough research, dynamic brainstorming, multiple design iterations, thoughtful collaboration, and seemingly endless cups of coffee, I end with an impactful design solution for clients. 

While I consider myself a great designer, I always push myself to be an even better human being. I view my designer-self holistically, knowing that passionate designers are ultimately passionate people, inspired by fellow designers, mentors, and a myriad of precious experiences.

If you’re seeking a passionate designer and person please reach out! 

Curious about the neurons firing in my brain? If so, check out this video detailing my design process and get a glimpse into who I am as a designer, art director, creative, and human being. 


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Select Clients
General Mills
Girl Scouts
Gold House
Hearth Display
J.M. Smucker Company
Mondelez International
Redesign Health
Savannah Square Pops