Reinvent your typical fat camp with Camp Thirty.

the client

Fat camps around the world have a mission of teaching people (particularly kids) to lose weight. This can lead to eating disorder mentalities and generally promotes fatphobia in society.

SNL cast member and creator of Hulu’s Shrill, Aidy Bryant founded Camp Thirty to dismantle the goals and mentality of these traditional fat camps. The camp teaches kids about fatphobia, body neutrality and acceptance, the difference between fat and unhealthy, and prevents detrimental mentalities.

the goods

+ Branding
+ Design for Good
+ Brand Identity
+ Naming
+ Concept
+ Copywriting

the audience

The primary audience are parents of fat children and the children themselves. These people may be concerned about their child’s weight but also want their children to feel accepted and loved exactly as they are without the pressure of losing weight. 

brand voice

Vibrant / Inclusive / Retro

the ad concept

The Camp 30 ad campaign leans into the hint of mathematical elements intertwined with conversations about fat people. It uses <, >, =, +, etc. symbols to convey meaningful messaging to parents and potential campers.

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