Learn an erased history with Cereal for Change.

the client

Breakfast is part of a morning regime and committing to social justice education can easily be woven into that routine with this cereal. Inspired by Wheaties, Cereal for Change was developed with a goal of educating people on historical figures that are overlooked and bring their impact to light. A collaboration between the ACLU and Clif, this product is a limited edition cereal line featuring marginalized historical figures who have been erased from history lessons.

the goods

+ Packaging
+ Design for Good
+ Research
+ Ad Campaign
+ Concept

the audience

The primary audience are people who care about social issues and who want to either initiate or reignite their education in social issues and social justice. These people are empathetic and want to see change but don’t always know how to go about it so incorporating this type of education everyday.

brand voice

Grassroots / Powerful / Informative / Zine-esque

the ad concept

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; why not pair it with the most important conversations taking place in American society? Breakfast is part of a routine and introducing this type of education can easily turn into a habit for the betterment of society, so using visually rich images and copy that support this new routine was imperative to advertising this product.

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