Learn an erased history.

the client

Committing to social justice education can be as easy as having breakfast in the morning. Inspired by Wheaties, Cereal for Change was developed with the goal of educating people on historical figures that are overlooked by bringing their impact to light. A collaboration between the ACLU and Clif, this product is a limited-edition cereal line featuring marginalized historical figures who have been erased from history lessons.

*Student Project

the work

After immense research on ethical breakfast companies and icons in social justice, I developed Cereal for Change. For this brand, I thoroughly iterated and brainstormed about the user experience with the packaging, as I wanted to make it as interactive and educational as possible. In addition to producing the packaging for this, I designed and developed its branding system, ad campaign, and art directed the photoshoot. The branding is inspired by visual cues in grassroots movements and zines that often incorporate bold, jagged type and textured rips.

the goods

+ Packaging
+ Design for Good
+ Research
+ Copywriting
+ Ad Campaign
+ Concept