Explore hot, sexy, steamy music video history with Exposed.


the client

Why are music videos so hyper-sexualized? Is that good? Bad? Where did it all begin? Exposed: The Sexy, Steamy, Sensual History of Erotocism in Music Videos informs people about the rise of sex, sexuality, and homoerotocism in the music industry particularly in music videos.

This exhibit is born out of the boom of MTV and rock and roll which shifted the music industry completely. Societal backlash, representation, and trends played a major role in erotocism in music videos leaving much up to debate as to whether or not this development as negative or positive.

the goods

+ Exhibit Design
+ Research
+ Collateral Design
+ Ad Campaign

the audience

The primary audience are adults who are in touch with their sexuality, intrigued by music, and are critical thinkers. Generally, a younger audience may be interested but it is more focused on a person’s interest and is not limited to age.

brand voice

Binary / Contrasting / Clashing / Sensual

the ad concept

Using opposing characteristics of previous decades and today’s music videos as a device for contrast and encourage questioning, this typographically driven ad campaign encapsulates the spirit of Exposed. It showcases the stark differences from more conservative historical music and music videos to today’s more sexually focused content.

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