Spotlighting BIPOC chefs.

the client

Conversations about the culinary world and cultural appropriation are intertwined when chefs take foods outside of their own culture and profit from it. It’s a complicated and cloudy topic. However, this cookbook opens that conversation directly from the chefs who are most impacted by it while also telling their experiences and recipes.

*Student Project

the client

I designed the layout, interior pages, handwritten type, cover, and art directed the photoshoot for Fork. Chopstick. Hands. The publication design of this book aimed to be warm and welcoming and conceptually was inspired by the wear and tear of a family cookbook. This is indicated by its handwritten notions of each chef, the printed textures and stains, as well as the photography.

the goods

+ Publication
+ Art direction
+ Copywriting
+ Naming
+ Concept
+ Design for Good