Train your taste buds with Gustas.

the client

Not everyone has a developed palate or the ability to speak about food on a high level. Gustas mission is to create an educational kit and course that teaches people how to savor and appreciate their food with the five primary tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami.

This subscription service provides customers with a new kit each month with a variety of foods to train a palate. Kits are paired with an exclusive online course that teaches them how to eat and speak about food thoughtfully. The Gustas kit executed was the “Cheese Month” kit.

the goods

+ Art direction
+ Illustration
+ Logo
+ Marketing Collateral
+ Naming

the audience

Gustas targets self-proclaimed “foodies”. These people are not dedicated to the culinary industry but love to eat and cook. They are highly knowledgeable and love learning in any capacity. They are up for a challenge and enjoy alone time.

brand voice

Whimsical / Soft / Authentic

the ad concept

This ad campaign draws from imagery seen in cliche motivational posters (ex: a kitten dangling on a branch with the copy “Hang in There”). The campaign is visually driven, comical, and most importantly expresses that Gustas is on the side of its customers and ready to support their journey in food education.

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