Train your taste buds with Gustas.

the client

Gustas’ mission is to create a subscription kit and course that teaches people how to savor and appreciate their food with the five primary tastes: salty, sweet, sour, bitter, and umami. Kits are paired with an exclusive online course that teaches them how to eat and speak about food thoughtfully. The sample Gustas kit produced was the “Cheese Month” kit.

*Student Project

the work

I created and produced the branding system, illustrations, naming, packaging and print materials, prototyped web design, and art directed the photoshoot for Gustas. Gustas branding is rooted in its members’ role as active students, dedicated to improving their palates and knowledge. With that in mind, this branding concept harkens back to the doodles in the margins of a student’s notebook where creativity and education came together.

the goods

+ Art direction
+ Illustration
+ Logo
+ Marketing Collateral
+ Naming