Marching band made easy.

the client

MarkTime is an app that touches on the major components of a marching band and puts them all in one place. With MarkTime, band directors use the MarkTime iPad app to coordinate all drills, music, and announcements which are then communicated to marchers via iPhone app. Drills and formations for marching band can be difficult to teach, and organizing large groups and coordinating each person can result in a lot of confusion. MarkTime is the solution.

*Student Project

the work

I designed the brand identity, wordmark, user flows, merchandise, ad campaign, and photoshoot for MarkTime. I also developed the name and taught myself Figma in order to successfully design and prototype the application. The branding of MarkTime is rooted in a collegiate, sleek feel; it connects to the fanfare of marching bands while maintaining the perfectionist mentality of clean formations and order marching bands dictate.

the goods

+ Art direction
+ Logo
+ Marketing Collateral
+ Naming
+ Concept