Size matters at The Big Board.

the client

At The Big Board, players function as board game pieces and can physically move across a life-size board and play the game with their party guests. All additional pieces such as dice and hotels are scaled appropriately. The games featured in the venue are Monopoly, Sorry, and Candyland. Similar to Escape Rooms, customers reserve a board game room, and then can enjoy an immersive board game experience!

*Student Project

the work

I designed the branding system, logo, environmental graphics, prototyped web design, and art directed the photoshoot for The Big Board. Conceptually, the branding for The Big Board relies on a grid system. After thorough research, I found that many board games are built on a grid where squares are equivalent to spaces. This structure, paired with vibrant patterns and colors creates the perfect identity for The Big Board.

the goods

+ Branding
+ Copywriting
+ Environmental/Wayfinding
+ Collateral
+ Naming
+ Concept