No business shall be conducted on Continental grounds.

the client

Any action movie lover likely has seen the John Wick series and knows of the infamous Continental Hotel chain. In these films, the luxurious hotel is the heartbeat of the rules and regulations of the underground assassin community. The hotel provides sanctuary for assassins, amenities, as well as a bar for guests to frequent. While these movies discuss the hotel, no branding is ever seen...until now.

the goods

+ Art Direction
+ Branding
+ Hand Craft
+ Brand Identity
+ Logo
+ Collateral

the audience

The Continental is targeting upper-class high income people and assassins. The traditional consumer is likely in business, cares about wealth and status, and is used to being catered to. The assassin customer is more skilled than the average person. They care about safety, wealth, and are ruthless.

brand voice

Luxurious / Antiquated / Intricate / Coy

the ad concept

The difficulty with this ad campaign is catering to two vastly different audiences. Speaking to this issue meant that the copy and bulk of the visuals of the campaign addresses both of the audiences desire for luxury, fine goods, and excellent service. The intrigue for the assassins particularly is the easter eggs of weaponry within the visuals.

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